Orchestral Solo

As a soloist, chamber musician, and composer formerly on the roster of Columbia Artists Management Inc. and currently on the roster of California Artists Management, Xiang Gao has been the featured soloist for more than 100 symphony orchestras worldwide.

Chamber Music

Xiang Gao has been a devoted chamber musician with a wide range of chamber music repertoire and collaboration experience with almost every orchestral instrument and voice type. In the past 2-3 seasons, he has performed with, produced, and presented many of today’s leading chamber musicians and ensembles including pianists Wu Han and Anne-Marie McDermott; principal players of a dozen top orchestras in the world; leading faculty at major U.S. and Chinese music programs from Yale, to Peabody to Rice University; and string quartets like Guarneri, Juilliard, Emerson, Calidore and Orion.

New World and Funk Jazz

In addition to his traditional classical performances, 30% of Xiang’s career is filled with composing, arranging, producing, recording and performing as a multifaceted musician with a core focus on promoting new music. For example, 6-WIRE founded by him in 2010 performs worldwide on the roster of California Artists Management. 6-WIRE’s recent album entitled, “6th Sense”, features crossover showpieces and Mr. Gao’s own compositions are listed at The recording received a very positive Gramophone review in November of 2018.

Multimedia and Theatrical Concert

Music and National Parks Project
Theatrical and Concert created and produced by Xiang Gao

Original Music by Xiang Gao

Chamber Music
Asian Fusion
Indian Fusion